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5 Oct 2018
This is one of the traditional Indonesian massages. It has been practiced since ancient times on the island of Bali. This massage is unique because it is a specific combination of techniques - massage, refreshing, reflexology and aromatherapy. The most commonly used oils are jasmine, rose or sandalwood.

The Bali massage, as well as the rest, was created for relaxation. The Baltics believe that in order to effectively relax the human body, it is necessary to stimulate blood circulation and enrichment with oxygen.

Ordinary massages use room temperature oils. In a more specific problem, differently heated ethereal oils are used to treat lemon grass, garlic cloves or ginger.

Relaxation is just one of the goals of the Balinese massage. The procedure is also created as a relaxing muscular deep massage. Massage techniques used to achieve this effect are a combination of pressure, light strokes and stretching.

Bali therapy also has a very beneficial effect on painful joints. Athletes often take advantage of the trauma massage.

Due to its beneficial deep impact on all muscle groups, therapy is often compared to Ayurveda (Indian Holistic Therapeutic Impact).

Apart from its action as a therapy that eliminates muscle pain, the Balinese massage soothes and helps with migraine, insomnia and breathing problems, reduces stress and anxiety. Massage improves the health of the body and the spirit.

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